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What is nómade

NÓMADE is a virtual platform centered around the production and reflection of themes related with contemporary culture and more specifically around contemporary art. We look to create new synergies between artists, curators and intellectuals with the internet as our medium.

The theme of our virtual magazine changes bimonthly, making the platform a sort of publication. By exchanging opinions, ideas and/or concepts, the different artists, curators and intellectuals will open up debates and create new virtual think tanks.

In this sens, NÓMADE is a place with no fixed location, which moves from user to user and allows for continuous analysis and feedback.

The main objectives of NÓMADE are the following:

  • Encourage the reflection of art- and contemporary culture-related themes from both solid and shifting bases, generating an adapted and adaptable platform;
  • Boost the current artistic production from the diversity of perspectives and ideologies;
  • Connect artists and curators with common interests from different parts of the world, giving visibility to the working professionals in our sector;
  • Set up a common space between the current artistic production and different areas of the academic /critical world.

NÓMADE wants to be known as a virtual area of on-going consultation in the areas of art and contemporary culture. We believe the only way to achieve this status is through guaranteeing the quality of our content.

This way, NÓMADE can be seen as a laboratory where inquiries, problems and ideas are generated, intertwining the universe of the production of art with that of academia.