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“Nómade. Art and Thought” was originally an idea of Iacopo Fiorani, Clara Laguillo and Diego Rey; three professionals working in art and urbanism who, during a long conversation in a bar came to the realisation that their professional and intellectual development was in their own hands. They decided to create a virtual magazine which would combine theoretical reflection with artistic work, always with contemporary culture in mind. This all happened the last months of 2011, and since then they’ve met up at least once a week to nurture and grow this concept.

Today, “Nómade. Art and Thought” is a reality (virtual, but real) and it is thanks to the hard work, dedication and perseverance they put into it. Not only the work of the three founders, but also the web designers, WWWEAH!, the contributors to every issue of this magazine and everyone that has supported them from the beginning.

Iacopo, Clara and Diego will continue to work on other projects, but they’ll dedicate a large part of their time to considering who can contribute new and innovative ideas and pieces now that “Nómade. Art and Thought” can give them a voice.

This project involves many professionals, but here is more information about the three founders:

Clara Laguillo

Clara Laguillo

Diego Rey

Júlia Poch - Nómade, arte y pensamiento

Júlia Poch