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Clara Laguillo

Clara Laguillo

Nómade's collaborations:

Barcelona, Spain - 1984


After graduating with a degree in Humanities from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB), Clara continued her studies at UAB and finished a double Master’s degree in Aesthetics and Theory of Contemporary Art and a third in Contemporary Philosophy.

Highlights of her profesional career include: educator in the Museo Marítimo of Barcelona; responsible for the conservation and cataloguing of plans of the Museo Militar of Menorca; Outreach coordination for the Xibau Art Gallery; cataloguing her father’s work (photographer Manolo Laguillo) and theorizing the performative practice of artist Mercedes Boronat.

Her theoretical investigation is centered around performance art, its impermanence, and the questions that arise from recording it in the modern age. In 2012-2013 she started a PhD in Philosophy at the Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona.

She is currently an administrator at Canoa Libros, which distributes Latin-American works, and she is involved in cultural promotion and curatorial projects.

Clara lives and works in Barcelona.