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Nómade's collaborations:

15-L. Films was born from an audiovisual couple. It has gradually been built from December 2008, as Carlota Coloma (Barcelona, 1985) and Adrià Lahuerta (Barcelona, 1984) have been working together.  

Both of them graduated in cinematographic direction in CEEC and have followed script writing and direction specialization workshops in EICTV (San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba). Their work has been recognized in different international festivals and they have been awarded the mention Talento Emergente of the, the audiovisual section in Adg-Fad (Barcelona). 

15-L. Films is becoming established as an audiovisual production company for the creation industries, mainly devoted to cinematography. Its first full-length film, “Codicia”, is in the postproduction stage. They also work together with various artists: among others, they produce the videographic works of Jordi Bernadó. 

The name is an address and the logo is a spyhole, that of their home. They identify the way they are, their nature, with all their productions.