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Edu Comelles

Edu Comelles

Nómade's collaborations:

PhD in Fine Arts, MSc in Sound Design (Edinburgh University) MA in Visual and Media Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He is currently involved in several individual and collective artistic projects that come into direct relationship with the soundscape and composition.

Comelles is working since 2006 in sound composition. His works have been published by several labels such as Resting Bell (Berlin), Test Tube (Portugal), Impulsive Habitat (Portugal) or Audiotalaia (Spain). He has participated in festivals in Stockholm, Vienna, Madrid, Mexico, Bristol, London, Valencia and Barcelona, leading to live performance his personal project and Cello + Laptop project (in collaboration with Sara Galán) with which he appeared at the Sonar Festival Barcelona 2013 .

His work has been exhibited or broadcast in the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, the CCCB in Barcelona, at the MUAC Mexico City, the Sierra Centro de arte or Laboral Arts Center in Gijón, Asturies. With Carlos Flores runs the sound art festival Off_Herzios based in the city of Valencia.

He is the founder and director of Audiotalaia a platform dedicated to the dissemination and production of experimental music in Spain and also co-directs, with Juanjo Palacios, LEA Ediciones broadcasting platform focused on field recordings.

Now a days Comelles works with Fernando Ortuño developing a research project focused on means to show, display and exhibit Sound Art in a exhibition context. This is happening at the Valencia Arts School.