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Luis Guerra

Luis Guerra

Nómade's collaborations:

Santiago de Chile, 1974

Is a visual artist, writer and theoretician. Master in Visual Arts (2001, Universidad de Chile), Master in Aesthetics and Theory of Contemporary Art (2012, Autonomous University of Barcelona). His work investigates strategies for collective, exploring ideas of scripting and rehearsal, collaboration and labor, often incorporating movement and text. Guerra has been awarded by  DIVA The Danish International Visual Arts Council grant (2009); The Canada Council for the Arts International Residency Program (2009); Barcelona Producció 2012, and by The National Fund for the Arts, Ministry of Culture, Government of Chile (2002). Currently he is a PhD student in Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain, thanks to a grant by The National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research, Advanced Human Capital program, Ministry of Education, Government of Chile.

His work has been exhibited at Antoni Tapies Foundation, Barcelona, Spain; Museum of Contemporary Art of Chile, Santiago of Chile; La Capella Art Center, Barcelona, Spain; Aratoi Museum of Art and History, Masterton, New Zealand; Fonderie Darling, Montreal, Canada; Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus, Denmark; Alice Day Gallery, Brussels, Belgium; Casa Sin Fin, Madrid, Spain; Root Division, San Francisco, USA, among others.