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Ana Matey

Ana Matey - Nómade. Arte y pensamiento

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Madrid, España - 1978



Ana Matey is an artist, photographer and independent manager. Currently, she lives 25 km. from Madrid, in a property called MATSU, which is a home, a workshop and since January 2012 also a space for contemporary creation, where she often hosts workshops or invites other artists.

Her work has always been linked to action art and this through different means, the last one being a book-object with images, text and drawings. Since 2006, Ana has been dedicated to action art. Her first individual piece is from 2001 and since then she hasn’t stopped exhibiting in individual or group exhibits, in museums, galleries or alternative spaces. The last exhibition with residence was in the Espace o25rjj in France (October 2012) and in the Espacio B of Madrid (April 2013).

She has performed in Spain, France, England, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Poland, Japan, Croatia, Hungary and Portugal. The last performances were in “Abierto de Acción” in Alicante (February 2013), in Interajcke of Poland (May 2012) and in MPA in Berlin (May 2012).

She co-founded ELCARROMATO, the collective and multidisciplinary space that existed for five years in the Barrio de la Letras of Madrid. In these years she shaped ARTÓN, a monthly event dedicated to the practice, dissemination, investigation and documentation of action art. Currently, she collaborates with the artist-manager Isabel León, and together they organize EXCHANGE, an itinerant project based on action art.

Ana Matey has been invited to participate in round tables, panels and presentations of her work; the last ones were in the Faculty of Fine Arts and in Espacio b in Madrid; and in MACA in Alicante.