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Luis Federico Jaureguiberry

Luis Federico Jaureguiberry - Nómade. Arte y pensamiento

Nómade's collaborations:

La Plata, Argentina - 1971



In 1981, Luis Federico joins the fanfare of Lobería and takes his first class in music elements. He joins the municipal band of Necochea in 1985, and also collaborates with several rock bands. In that same year he also joins the big band Jazz Brass ensemble.

He moves to La Plata in 1990 to study Electronic Engineering and enters the Fine Arts Faculty of the Universidad Nacional of La Plata in 1995 to pursue a degree in Composition.

He is an assistant professor of Musical Acoustics of the F.B.A, U.N.L.P and forms part of the investigating team of the Musical Acoustics chair of the Fine Arts Faculty of U.N.L.P. The investigation project 11B215 “Uso musical del espacio: campos acústicos tridimensionales e integración formal” was accredited in the incentive Program of U.N.L.P. He has investigated in the project “Técnicas extendidas de ejecución – Sonidos multifónicos en un saxo alto: Hacia una posible sistematización.” and is a tenured lecturer of the Experimental Practice of Electroacoustic media in the F.B.A, U.N.L.P.

Currently he composes and arranges music for the bands Grita Quincas and Utadre Arajo and he plays with the Doña Prudencia trio. He adapts and arranges music for the neo-swing band Dirty Diamonds Big Band and he sometimes performs with the band Traviatabosnialafortina.

He has recorded discs for several Projects: “Jazz junto al mar” – Jazz Brass Ensamble – (1989). “Con el agua al cuello” – Míster América – (1996). “Despojado” – Míster América – (1998). “Overtura órtiz” – Traviatabosnialafortina – (1999). “Tomo lo que encuentro – 19 versiones de Virus” – con Traviatabosnialafortina – (2004). “Grapa Polaca” – Traviatabosnialafortina – (2004). “efedeeférico” – Traviatabosnialafortina – (2005). “...nada, estamos yendo.” – La Trenza – (2006). “Infinito” – Chavannes – (2006). “El Calendario de los Sonidos” – Banda Hermética – MDR Records - (2007). “Abremente – Homenaje a Luis Alberto Spinetta” – con Banda Hermética – MDR Records - (2008).



Skype: federico.jaureguiberry