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María Inés Rey

María Inés Rey - Nómade, arte y pensamiento

Nómade's collaborations:

La Plata, Argentina



She earned a PhD in Natural Sciences (with specialization in anthropology) at the Natural Sciences Faculty & Museum of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata. In this same university, she had previously obtained a degree in Anthropology and she is currently working as a lecturer and researcher.

She has researched the deaf community as a social minority. Apart from the specific problematic, she also dug deeper into the formation of identities in conflict situations, the dynamics of prejudice and the different ways of association, socialization and relationships. Her research is based on Social Anthropology and elaborated through participative investigation. It is almost the only research of its kind in Argentina, and one of the very few in the world.

María Inés’ contributions to Rural Sociology were around Social Identities, given her interest in rural social sciences and her renewed interest in Social Sciences in general. This interest appears through a combination of changes that occurred in the world and the crisis of universal conceptions and its verifications. These social identities emerge through rights and recognitions in a conflict social situation of interculturalism. This occurs in both urban and rural areas.

She has worked as a researcher in projects in the Periurban Rural Region of La Plata. Also, she has contributed in projects regarding general regional matters and aspects around the problem of interculturalism. More from a theorical point of vue, she has engaged in the ecobiological politics of the development of the project ‘“La Problemática de acceso al Agua de la Agricultura Familiar de la Región Pampeana desde un enfoque territorial multiactoral.”