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Sergio Moyinedo

SERGIO MOYINEDO - Nómade, arte y pensamiento

Nómade's collaborations:

La Plata, Argentina – 1961


Sergio Moyinedo is currently working as a tenured lecturer for History of Modern and Contemporary Art in the Fine Arts faculty of the University of La Plata (Argentina). He is also a tenured lecturer of Art History for the degree of Art Critics in the National Institute of Art Critics in Buenos Aires, Argentina and for the seminar of Issues of Contemporary Art of the master’s degree of Criticism and Dissemination of Arts. The last couple of years, Sergio has also managed a research team that works on the different problems related to contemporary art. The project is entitled “Paratexts of contemporary art”. He has participated in the first 3 editions of the International Workshop about art critics presided by Jean-Marc Poinsot in France, Argentina and Spain (2009 to 2011). Sergio has been involved in several scientific meetings around art history and theory, like for example in semiotic studies.